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WWW.RRCUS.ORG  Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States


WWW.TVRRCOT.ORG  Trinity Valley Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Texas


The American Kennel Club  


Licensed AKC Dog Show Superintendents


POST -- Pedigree Online Search Tool



Lure Coursing and Racing


American Sighthound Field Association ("ASFA")


Large Gazehound Racing Association ("LGRA")


National Oval Track Racing Association ("NOTRA")




United States Dog Agility Association ("USDAA")


The Dog Agility Page



Other Interesting Canine Web Sites

Gail Brookhart's Dog Owner's Guide: Watching a Conformation Show


Norma B. Woolf's Dog Owner's Guide: Obedience Training



Health Registries


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ("OFA")


Canine Eye Registry Foundation ("CERF")


Hearing Test -- Brain Auditory Evoked Response
What is BAER testing?
OFA's BAER Testing Protocol
BAER Testing Sites



Dog Food


Eagle Pack www.eaglepack.com


Nature’s Variety Prairie www.naturesvariety.com


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